Top 10 Short Stories (from Episodes 1 through 30)


Top 10 Short Stories (from episode 1 thru 30)

We’ve discussed 100s of short stories over the past 3+ years. To help new listeners find the absolute best stories, Anais has curated her personal top 10 short stories from the first 30 episodes.

Why the first 30? Picking the top 10 stories from our podcast archive was just too dang hard. So, Anais decided to make it easier on herself by selecting her top 10 stories of the first 30 episodes. She’ll continue making things easy for herself by taking a look at the stories we’ve discussed in batches of 30.

Also, you can click on any slide and it’ll open a link to the episode in a new tab. Hooray!

For long time listeners, did Anais miss an important story from the first 30? Remember, you can view the full list whenever you like at the list of short stories page.


Want to discuss any story with us?

The Literary Roadhouse Readers group is a place where listeners can discuss any story, and not just this week’s story. Because all hosts are a part of the group, it’s a great way to speak with us directly. So if you’re new, listened to an old episode, and want to chime in, you can! Click the button below to join the group.

Join the Literary Roadhouse Readers FB Group

Join the Literary Roadhouse Readers FB Group

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