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Literary Roadhouse Discussions with Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj

Guest: Karan Bajaj

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This week we have a treat for you! Literary Roadhouse  Discussions in a new intermittent extra podcast where we discuss literature and writing with authors and other literary figures. Our first guest is Karan Bajaj.

Karan Bajaj is a #1 bestselling Indian novelist with more than 200,000 copies of his novels in print, both optioned into major films. Karan’s first worldwide novel, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, will be published by Random House on May 3rd’ 2016. The book, called “The greatest adventure of our Generation” by The Daily Telegraph was inspired by Karan’s one year sabbatical traveling from Europe to India by road and learning yoga and meditation in the Himalayas.

During our discussion, we dove deep into how travel and adventure affects his writing. His own spiritual hero’s journey and the reflections seen in his novels and the four one plan that Karan lives by; where he works a normal job for 4 years and then takes a 1 year sabbatical to refill his well of spirituality and creativity. This a wonderfully interesting discussion on writing, reading and life, we hope you enjoy it.

The Yoga of Maxs Discontent

THE YOGA OF MAX’S DISCONTENT will be published worldwide by Random House on May 3, 2016. The book is about a Wall Street investment banker who becomes a yogi in the Himalayas and is both a page turning adventure through the hidden underbelly of India and a contemporary take on man’s classic quest for transcendence.

The book is receiving excellent advance reviews with The Daily Telegraph calling it “The greatest adventure of our generation” and Sharon Gannon saying it’s “A superb meditation on effort and grace, on the level of Herman Hesse and Victor Frankl,”

Karan is also a yoga instructor and you can get a free meditation course, a Quit Sugar in 7 days nutrition guide, a yoga flow video course and other gifts when you order your book today. Details at

Learn more about Karan:

Twitter: @realkaranbajaj
Instagram: realkaranbajaj

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