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Gerald is Back – Bradbury Challenge Ep 23

Gerald is back! He had a lot of new ideas as her traveled, and is considering publishing his short stories as a collection. Crissy talks about her new job and getting 40 thousand words into a new series. They discuss finishing projects and how the Bradbury Challenge is effecting their lives.

Author mentioned:
Melissa Lummis

Freelancing and Releases – The Bradbury Challenge Ep 22

Rated: Clean

Crissy talks about how it felt to write full time. Now that she’ll have to go back to work soon some decisions need to be made. She also finished two short stories and sent them to her mailing list. Meanwhile, Maya began her travels, worked on formatting, and releasing her first short story release. Gerald will be back soon much to our relief, it’s just not the same! FYI, This episode should have been number 20 but in editing the backlog of episodes I got them all mixed up.

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

You are in a coffee shop and there is a ceiling fan and it is covered in ice-cream and there is ice-cream all over the walls.

Revision and Literary in Every Genre- Bradbury Challenge Ep 21

Rated: Mild

This week Crissy and Maya discussed revision and Literary Fiction within the Genre’s. Then Crissy reads from her latest project.

Publishing Our Books and Short Stories – Bradbury Challenge Ep 20

Rated: Mild

This week Crissy and I discuss publishing our short stories and books. How do we price our works and how is that different for genre and literary fiction. We touch on some pretty controversial topics but try to figure out how we feel about cheap versus expensive books.

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

There’s a knock on the door and there is a package waiting for you. It is an old wooden crate with stickers on it from all over the world.

Traditional and Self-Publishing – Bradbury Challenge Ep 19

Rated: Mild

Today Crissy and Maya discuss their projects and thoughts on traditional vs. self-publishing from very different perspectives. We also talk about the future of short stories and technology.

Becoming More Productive – Bradbury Challenge Ep 18

Rated: PG-13 due to innuendo

Maya empties her nest, all three of us struggled with time. Gerald only wrote ONE story! I know, the horror lol. We discuss practical solutions to being more productive.

Disclaimer: So these episodes are coming out very late and in quick succession. Due to stress and organizational difficulties I had to make a choice. Either be even later, or use subpar audio. The next 4 episodes are not up to our audio standard so please bare with us until we are back to our normal standard.

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

A steampunk airship floating through the sky

About Bad Sex Scenes – Bradbury Challenge Ep 17

Rated: Explicit

So these episodes are coming out very late and in quick succession. Due to stress and organizational difficulties I had to make a choice. Either be even more late, or use subpar audio. The next 5 episodes are not up to our audio standard so please bare with us until we are back to our normal standard.

This week Gerald wrote two stories, Crissy has post project depression and Maya realizes that the short story challenge is re-invigorating the poetry part of her brain.
Crissy was challenged by time management and we here how she overcame. Gerald was also challenged by time management as he prepares for his road trip. Maya was challenged by her anxiety and just so much happening all at one as she ditches her belongings and moves to… where.
We also talk writers conferences, fight scenes and sex scenes.

Literary Roadhouse Discussions

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

You’ve just moved house and in a cupboard you find a bloody knife.

Why we write – Bradbury Challenge Ep 16

Rated: Mildly Explicit

This week Gerald finished his archetype series and Maya used the writing prompt from the last episode. Crissy also did well and prepared a story for publication. For much of this slightly off topic episode, we discuss Hue Howey and Stephen King, then Gerald get’s us back on topic and we talk about why we write.

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

You are cleaning your files on your computers and you find one that you don’t remember putting there and all it says is, “Remember.”

Discussing The Sellout | Literary Roadhouse Bookclub Ep 5

Discussion Notes: The Sellout

Next Month’s novel is Sleeping on Jupiter by Anuradha Roy

Rated: Explicit for Adult Themes and Language

Our guest this month couldn’t make it, but Anais, Maya, and Gerald dove in to this dark satire by Paul Beatty.

The Sellout follows a black, urban farmer who, in an effort to restore the black community in his hometown of Dickens, decides to segregate his community. The novel touches on other dark moments in American black history such as slavery, minstrel entertainment, and the civil rights movement. Gerald enjoyed the novel for its fresh prose, humor, and sheer entertainment value, but, as an outsider to both the black experience and United States history, struggled to connect with the references and message on a personal level. Anais was delighted by the courage in the social commentary and the stream-of-consciousness narrative. Maya loved the slam poetry roots evident in the language, and the use of black culture’s ‘inside voice’, and related several points in the novel to her own experience as a black woman in the United States.

If you have any recommendations for the bookclub, please let us know in the comments. We also have a voicemail system on the website. If you would like to leave a voicemail please click the green bar that says voicemail on the left. We may play your comment live on the show, unless you tell us not to. We air the first Friday of every month and discuss the books on twitter using #LRHBC

The Rat King | Kerry Cullen | Literary Roadhouse Ep 64

Discussion Notes: The Rat King

Find this weeks story here: The Rat King

Next weeks story is Attitude Adjustment by Tim Gautreaux

Rated: Adult themes without Adult Language

Well… this was an odd one for sure. Surprisingly or perhaps not surprisingly, Maya was the only one who enjoyed The Rat King. This story, about a woman who finds herself drawn to the rat king, lent itself to interesting discussion. In this episode, we discuss the structure, characterization, lesbian drama and the juxiposition of these two very different relationships.

Don’t forget to rate the story! We rated it a 4.9, for the history of our goofy system, see Anais’ post “Read Short Stories or Ray Bradbury Cries.” On a scale of 1-6 Bradberries, how do you rate The Rat King? Tell us in the comments below or via voicemail, and we will give the final tally on the next episode. We are also in desperate need of iTunes reviews. Please search Literary Roadhouse in iTunes and leave reviews for all of our shows.