Rated: Explicit

So these episodes are coming out very late and in quick succession. Due to stress and organizational difficulties I had to make a choice. Either be even more late, or use subpar audio. The next 5 episodes are not up to our audio standard so please bare with us until we are back to our normal standard.

This week Gerald wrote two stories, Crissy has post project depression and Maya realizes that the short story challenge is re-invigorating the poetry part of her brain.
Crissy was challenged by time management and we here how she overcame. Gerald was also challenged by time management as he prepares for his road trip. Maya was challenged by her anxiety and just so much happening all at one as she ditches her belongings and moves to… where.
We also talk writers conferences, fight scenes and sex scenes.

Literary Roadhouse Discussions

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

You’ve just moved house and in a cupboard you find a bloody knife.

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