Discussion Notes: The Proxy Marriage

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Colette Sartor, Author

Colette Sartor, Author


On today’s podcast, we welcome Colette Sartor. She is an award-winning short story author and essayist. Her works have appeared in numerous publications, including The Chicago Tribune, Kenyon Review Online, Carve, Slice, and Colorado Review. She teaches at UCLA Extension Writers’ Program as well as privately. In addition to writing and teaching, Colette is an Executive Director of CineStory Foundation, a mentoring organization for screenwriters and TV writers.

For more information, please visit colettesartor.com.

By the way, we discussed two of Colette’s short stories. Listen to our discussions of La Cuesta Encantada and Once Removed.

Interview bonus! To listen to our author interview with Colette on Youtube. She and Anais discuss the CineStory Foundation, and how to write vulnerably.  Colette also shares how she manages loved ones who see pieces of themselves in her fictional characters.

As for today’s story, Colette and the LRH hosts discuss The Proxy Marriage by Maile Meloy, a romantic short story with a rare happy ending. Unable the find any flaws, the podcast quickly becomes a love fest. The hosts and guest fawn over the elegant prose, brilliant pacing, and smart time markers and structure.

Stay for some surprising wedding facts in the game at the end of the show.

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