Discussion Notes: Once Removed

Find this week’s story here: Once Removed by Colette Sartor

Next week’s story: Laughing and Turning Away by Patrick Holloway

Rated: Clean

The Literary Roadhouse hosts, sans Maya still, discuss the show’s second Colette Sartor story, “Once Removed.” This episode quickly turned into a love fest with all three hosts loving the story, the characters, the prose. Love, love, love. Though usually this show discusses the meta aspects of a story, the characters in this piece felt so real that our hosts kept discussing them like real people, commenting on their behavior, and making judgments and predictions as to the future of these characters’ lives. Stay for a fun truth-or-dare game around real life super powers. And yes, Rammy won the game but everyone lost track of points. Lucky Gerald, we read his story next week.

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