Margaret Atwood

Stone Mattress | Margaret Atwood | Literary Roadhouse Ep 132

Discussion Notes: Stone Mattress

Find this week’s story here: Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood

Next week’s story:  The Dinner Party by Joshua Ferris

Rated: Clean

This week all four Literary Roadhouse hosts gushed about this superbly sharp and entertaining short story by Margaret Atwood. “Stone Mattress” inspired an in-depth discussion of excellent prose, characterizations and symbolism. The conversation turns contentious as the hosts debate the moral character of the protagonist’s former husbands.

Come for the discussion, stay for a blooper reel at the very end.

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Happy Endings | Margaret Atwood | Literary Roadhouse Ep 43

Next week’s story is Wagons, Ho! by Padgett Powell

Rated not too bad

Happy Endings is a short story the plays on the novel outlining to reflect on life, relationships, and the process of writing. In this discussion, we talk about the deeper meanings of the story, whether the format worked and what each of us took away from this exploration of what makes a story… the beginning, middle or end.

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