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Wew, finally, here is this weeks episode!

Maya, Gerald and Crissy discussed researching our stories and different types of research. While research is important, it can easily be a procrastination minefield. We have enormous resources available through the internet, but is remote research enough to portray the experience of a location? What other types of research do we find helpful? Crissy’s research as a fantasy writer uses all the knowledge she’s accumulated over many subjects. While Maya worries about cultural and real world locations.

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

Snow Walking

3 comments on Researching Our Stories The Bradbury Challenge Ep 6

  1. DarkenedMoor says:

    This is one for Gerald. Gerald , you mentioned a Facebook group that follows The Archers and discusses the going-ons in the episodes. Would you mind telling me the name of the group and maybe pass on a link to their page. I ‘ve pretty much religiously listened to The Archers for years now, be nice to get in on the conversation. Thanks!!

    1. Gerald says:

      Haha – yes, strange connections via the internet.
      It’s called “Ambridge Addicts”, and the link is:

      1. DarkenedMoor says:

        Brilliant, thanks so much, Gerald!

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