Crissy is at a convention and records from her hotel this week. It sounds like a ton of fun but we’re all jealous of her hotel breakfast. Maya had writer’s block and drilling down a story to it’s most basic elements allowed her to overcome her lack of story. Gerald talks about another exercise he used to help a friend break writers block. We also tested a new segment that listener DarkenedMoor suggested. It was a great suggestion! If you have any comments or ideas for the show, we’d love to hear them.

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

Take three pieces of paper and make a numbered list 1-5. One the first sheet, list 5 characters/archetypes with no more than 5 words each. On the second sheet, list 2 strong desires you have and 3 strong desires people who aren’t like you have. On the third paper, list 5 random obstacles that could block a desire. As you make each list, do not consider the other lists. Then using dice or This Random Integer Generator select three random numbers 1-5. Use those numbers to select a character, a desire and an obstacle for your story.

3 comments on Overcoming Writer’s Block The Bradbury Challenge Ep 7

  1. EmergingWriter says:

    You three are so much fun! Like darkenedmoor, I really enjoyed hearing you read your work. I enjoyed all three excerpts. Maya, no need to feel that yours was not up to par. It was excellent. It used the style of a newspaper report, which is different from more literary writing. If you had a chance to revise the beginning part of the story to be more to your liking in terms of language, the newspaper report at the end would make a nice foil. All that to say… be sure to give yourselves credit. 🙂 We are our own worst critics. Write on!

  2. darkenedmoor says:

    Yay, thanks so much for agreeing to read a little from what you’ve written, guys! I love how much each of your unique styles show through those few lines. Awesome stuff and so inspiring!

    1. Maya Goode says:

      It was a lot of fun, especially since we don’t read each others work. I was actually surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) by Gerald’s writing. It’s right in my wheel house and he’s got a new fan for sure. Crissy’s writing is so clean too. I knew she’s been writing a long time and creates clean drafts but it was interesting to hear her work for sure. Great suggestion. We’re keeping it as a regular part of the show.

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