Rated PG-13 for comparing public brainstorming to having a sex tape

This week both Gerald and Maya experienced breakthroughs in their writing. Maya is happy with her words for the first time this year and Gerald had a flood of enjoyment. Going on a walk with a recorder helped Maya better understand her story from last week. They also discuss different ideas to get connected with their projects.

Mentioned in the Episode:

Ask Us Anything with R. L. Stine

Fates and Furies

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

If you go scuba diving deep into the ocean where all the corals and the fish are swimming around you, and you find something amazing and out of the ordinary down there… what is it?

One comment on “Getting Out of Your Usual Environment Bradbury Challenge Ep 5

  1. This flash fiction marathon Gerald described, and how forcing yourself to write each week distills more ideas, has me excited. I need to do this. You guys are strong and disciplined — titanic!

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