This week Gerald, Crissy and Maya discuss how we decide if a story should be tradition length short story or flash fiction. We also talk about living well, using observation to find ideas, and our writing strengths and weaknesses. Crissy struggled with time management this week. Maya’s biggest challenge was energy. Gerald’s challenge was getting distracted by grammar checkers and ending up writing a blog post about choosing a grammar checker. Maya gives her tips to using a grammar checker as a learning tool and we had an in-depth discussion about the technical aspects of writing and dialects.

Books Mentioned in the Episode:

Good Omens


Their Eyes Were Watching God

True History of the Kelly Gang

Wuthering Heights

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

Write a story using the following words

  • Attic
  • Insult
  • Abrasive
  • knife
  • Surprise
  • Sparkling
  • Cockroach
  • Evade

2 comments on Flash Fiction versus Traditional and Dialects – The Bradbury Challenge Ep 4

  1. DarkenedMoor says:

    I was already a huge fan of the weekly short story podcasts and I’m loving the fact that there is now a book club as well as this brilliant Bradbury Challenge podcast to listen to. Thanks Maya, Gerald and Crissy for giving us listeners such a great insight into your individual writing processes. I was wondering, if at some point one of you may be comfortable reading a short excerpt of what you wrote that past week, just to give us even more of an idea of your voice as a writer. No worries, if this goes beyond the purpose of the podcast:)

    1. Maya Goode says:

      We’d rejected the idea of posting our stories since I am submitting but reading an excerpt sounds like a great idea! I’ll talk to the others and see how they feel about it. We do want to keep the show about the process, but this might be a fun addition. Thank you, I’m happy you are enjoying the shows.

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