This week Crissy talks about getting sick and writing her story the night before. She also explores writing a controversial story with the intent to share. Gerald is enjoying his larger project of adding two short stories toward his goal. One of his stories touches on dementia in an interesting way and we discussed writing about varied states of consciousness. Maya ponders writing literary fiction under a deadline and how her mind gestates ideas.

Podcasts mentioned:

The Minimalists

This Week’s Writing Prompt:

Imagine that it is a lovely sunny day. You are taking a walk through a lovely field and woods with your dog, like you always do, on a lovely path. Suddenly, your dog darts off through the underbrush barking. You are calling and your dog isn’t coming back. You go chasing after them and the undergrowth is scratching your legs and the dog frantically barks. Then suddenly the barking stops. When you catch up, you find your dog staring at an old door just standing in the middle of the woods.

4 comments on Drilling Down The Story – The Bradbury Challenge Ep 3

  1. Gerald says:

    The story is based, strangely, on the cover of a prog rock LP, which featured a painting by Tammo de Jongh.
    The album was “In The Wake of Poseidon” by King Crimson, and the artwork is called “The 12 Archetypes” or “The 12 Faces of Humankind”.
    So, using that artwork as a basis, I wanted to create a linked tale of twelve very different characters, but have them connected in some way. That last part was what I was struggling with, until I had a bit of a brainwave when I was on holiday, and thought of a strong and meaningful connection between them,
    The whole story still isn’t finished, but I’ve written the outline for the final section.
    Thanks for asking!

    1. EmergingWriter says:

      Great! Thank you so much for the reply. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I swing by here when I can, which is too infrequently. 🙂

  2. EmergingWriter says:

    I’d be interested to hear more about the twelve archetypes that Gerald mentioned in this episode.

    1. Gerald says:

      Thanks for your comment. Would it be okay if I replied more fully tomorrow, when I’m back on my laptop? “Tomorrow” is in about 8 hours or so.

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