Rated: This episode has adult themes but does not have adult language

Tamara Woods joins us to discuss Inheritance by Lan Samantha Chang

Yay! The Literary Roadhouse Bookclub is here and this month we discussed the novel Inheritance by Lan Samantha Chang. Tamara Woods joins us for this weeks bookclub discussion with wonderful input on the language and intimacy of the story. A poet, writer and founder of the Reverie Journal, Tamara reads deeply and we see that in this show. She is also the future host of our upcoming poetry podcast that will launch this summer. Inheritance was loved by the entire podcast and we enjoyed discussing the themes of family, identity, war and control. For the next month’s episode we will discuss Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist.

If you have any suggestions for the new bookclub please let us know in the comments. We also have a voicemail system on the website; if you would like to leave a voicemail and perhaps have us play your comments about Inheritance, please click the green bar that says voicemail. We air the first Friday of every month and discuss the books on twitter using #LRHBookclub

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