Discussion Notes: Ghost Birds

Find this weeks story here: Ghost Birds

Next week’s story is A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Saleh

Rated: Clean

Everyone liked this weeks story but Maya had issues with the 1st have of the story. Ghost Birds is about loss and fear of loss explored through the eyes of a man who uses extreme sports to overcome his inner demons. It touched on interesting and important ideas with strong themes of feeling alive, order and fear of death. Maya’s main problem with the story ended up almost being a deal breaker as she felt the story ended and then started again. While Anais thought the 2nd half of the story wasn’t as strong as the first, it didn’t take away from her enjoyment. Gerald and Rammy both enjoyed the story as well attesting to it’s strengths. Ghost Birds is an interesting tale, told in an unconventional way with thought provoking ideas.

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