This weeks episode is not up to our usual audio standards due to some technical difficulties.

Are artists seen differently now? We had a discussion on the opportunities and problems with self publishing, as well as the increased respect for artists.

Crissy also finished her novel! After discovering that she had a problem with one of her finial chapters, she was able to overcome her writer’s block. Maya also took a huge step and sent four short stories to an editor.

Links Mentioned in this episode:

This Weeks Writing Prompt:

They say if you drop off a building, the whole of your life flashes before you. So if you do that, what is the one thing that flashes before you.


2 comments on Are Artists Seen Differently Now? The Bradbury Challenge Ep 11

  1. Amy Teegan says:

    I think the big five structure of publishing came around ~early / mid-20th century.

    This guy — — is one of the big big names and I *think* the turning point.

    1. Maya Goode says:

      That is really interesting. I knew that it was a fairly new structure but hadn’t done any serious research on how it began. I’ll have to see if there is a good biography on him.

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