I Told You I’d Buy You Anything You Wanted So You Asked For a Submarine Fleet | Owen Booth | Literary Roadhouse Ep 40

Next week’s story is  The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde

Are you excited for the Literary Roadhouse Bookclub? It will be a monthly bookclub and our first novel is… The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood! You can get your copy here. The first Friday in January which just happens to be New Years Day. So grab a copy, and tweet along with #LRHBookclub

This week’s story brought to mind politics and the folly of love. I hope you enjoy our discussion as much as we did. What was this story really about? Does that meaning change based on the readers age or experience with love? Or is it really a political allegory?

Don’t forget to rate the story! For the history of our goofy system, see Anais’ post “Read Short Stories or Ray Bradbury Cries.” On a scale of 1-6 Bradberries, how do you rate I Told You I’d Buy You Any-thing You Wanted So You Asked For a Submarine Fleet? Tell us in the comments below or via voicemail, and we will give the final tally on the next episode.

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