Discussion Notes: Wyatt Thurst

Find this week’s story here: Wyatt Thurst by Brendan Bowles

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Rated: Explicit (discussion of sexual content)

The Literary Roadhouse hosts, sans Maya (but she’ll be back next week!) discuss “Wyatt Thurst”, a short story by the winner of the Writers Trust of Canada Award, Brendan Bowles. After this story burst the American hosts’ conceit that cowboys and rodeo are presumed to be American, it offered a lovely discussion on character building, subtlety in writing, and meticulously polished prose. All three hosts enjoyed the story, though for slightly different reasons. Rammy said it reminded him of Jack Kerouac, while Gerald loved the rhythm, and Anais marveled over the prose. Listen to the hosts deep dive into the psyche of the main character, Wyatt. And lastly, “canoe dancing” has its first, and possible only, mention on the show. Listen to find out why.

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