Discussion Notes: The Ways You Are Gone

Find this week’s story here: The Ways You Are Gone by Kami Westhoff.

Next week’s story: Referential by Lorrie Moore.

Rated: Explicit

Gerald, Maya, and Anais discuss The Ways Your Are Gone by Kami Westoff, a story about the various ways that someone can be absent from a loved one’s life. While the hosts agree on the quality of the story, the deftness of the writing and the realism of the narrator, they disagree, loudly, on the narrator’s likability. On the one hand, Maya and Gerald defend the narrator’s bleak vision of the future as a coping mechanism for loss. Unconvinced, Anais finds it offensive to the memory of the person lost. In the end, the hosts muse on how their conversation mirrors real world discussions on how to mourn. What do you make of how we mourn, and how the narrator mourns, specifically?

Next week Rammy returns!

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