Discussion Notes: The Heirs

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Rated: Adult Themes

Guest host Susan Pogorzelski

Susan Pogorzelski, YA Author and Editor

In May we read The Heirs by Susan Rieger, a character-driven novel chock full of thrilling plot twists. Gerald and Anais were joined by guest host Susan Pogorzelski (www.susanpogorzelski.com), the author of the Gold in the Days of Summer novella series. She’s a YA author who founded Brown Beagle Books (www.brownbeaglebooks.com) to help emerging writers share their literary vision and develop their writing talents.


All three hosts loved the story which Anais and Susan described as a mature, subdued soap opera. Gerald fell in love with Eleanor, Susan loved Sam, and Anais could not stand Jim. Surely characters that elicit such strong responses must be vivid and worth the read.

The hosts also analyzed the novel’s prose and themes.

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