Discussion Notes: Strays

Find this week’s story here: Strays by Mark Richard.

Next week’s story: A Silver Dish by Saul Bellow.

Rated: Adult themes, but does not contain explicit language.

This week Maya, Gerald, Anais, and Rammy discuss Strays by Mark Richard. Our three writers, Maya, Gerald, and Anais were ovr the moon with this cleverly written, but bleak story of poverty, abandonment, alcoholism, and desperation. However, Rammy did not share the other hosts’ enthusiasm. He found the story lacking in imagery and descriptions to drive home the dreary theme. Meanwhile, Anais was surprised by the effective use of a child’s POV. Gerald loved the clever writing, and Maya got a kick out of the representation of Uncle Trash.

Were the three enamored hosts able to sway Rammy’s opinion?

If you’re a math nerd or a card game geek, stay tuned for the game at the end of the episode.

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