Discussion Notes: A Silver Dish

Find this week’s story here: A Silver Dish by Saul Bellow.

Next week’s story: Restoration by Ann Joslin Williams.

Rated: Clean

This week Gerald, Anais, and Rammy discuss A Silver Dish by Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow. Perhaps because of that lofty award, Gerald and Anais expected more of the story. Gerald found the story’s message too numerous and scattered to properly analyze, and felt the characters to be flat. In contrast, Anais enjoyed the characters and themes, though she agreed the story was opaque to analysis. As for Rammy, the story didn’t move him at all, and various anecdotes outright confused the point of the story in his opinion.

Though there was one anecdote that stumped us all: why did Woody stuff the turkey with hashish? If you know, please explain in the comment section.

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