Discussion Notes: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Find this week’s story here: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel García Márquez.

Next week’s story: Life in Stone, Glass, and Plastic by José Pablo Iriarte.

Rated: Clean

Gerald is still gallivanting across Europe on his extended summer vacation.

Caleb J. Ross

Caleb J. Ross

This week Caleb J. Ross joins the podcast. Regular listeners will remember him from our discussion of Julio Cortázar’s Axolotl. Caleb has been published widely, both online and in print. Most recently he co-authored The Soul Standard, which was published by Dzanc Books in July. You can find out more about his five books and other literary ventures at his website: calebjross.com.

This week Maya, Anais, and Caleb discuss “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”. Caleb came to the discussion already a fan of of this story. It’s a classic magical realism tale by Gabriel García Márquez in which a winged man, who may or may not be an angel, visits a small town.

Caleb analyzed the religious versus secular commentary and wondered about the author’s religious beliefs. Meanwhile, Maya enjoyed the prose’s dreary tone. As for Anais, the lack of empathy among all characters regardless of their beliefs struck her as key to the story’s theme.

This week we also have bonus content at the end of the episode. Maya and Caleb discuss enjoying an author’s complete catalog, audio books, and more.

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