Discussion Notes: Nightfall

Find this week’s story here: Nightfall by Isaac Asimov.

Next week’s story: The Ways You Are Gone by Kami Westhoff.

Rated: Clean

Gerald, Maya, and Anais discuss Isaac Asimov’s classic and much-celebrated short story “Nightfall.” Boy do the hosts bicker on this episode! Anais loved the story, Maya hated it, and Gerald liked it, but without Anais’s bright-eyed enthusiasm. The hosts debate ad nauseum whether it’s more important to have great prose or great plot. Yes, we want and deserve both, but the lack of which is easier to tolerate? So what’s more important to you, the language or the idea?


And yes, the hosts did manage to find time to discuss the themes of the actual story, and draw parallels between this fictional world and ours.

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