Discussion Notes: Memento Mori

Find this week’s story here: Memento Mori by Nathan Nolan.

Next week’s story: Handicap by Elizabeth Chandler.

Rated: Adult themes, but does not contain explicit language.

This week Maya, Gerald, Anais, and Rammy discuss Memento Mori by Nathan Nolan. This story forms the basis for Christopher Nolan’s cult movie Memento, and, indeed, Nathan is Christopher’s brother. Prior to reading this story, Maya, Rammy, and Anais had watched the movie. As for Gerald, he had not. Thus, Gerald found himself the most confused by the plot, but the confusing narrative did not detract from his enjoyment of the mood and suspenseful writing.

When it came to the prose, Maya felt the short story shined brilliantly, and even outshone the movie. Anais couldn’t agree more, and Rammy probably speaks more on this episode than any other episode to date. Needless to say, Rammy loved the story, too.

Lastly, Gerald ponders whether or not the story moves backwards through time. Does it? Listen to our arguments then share your own below.

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