Discussion Notes: Herding Vegetable Sheep

Find this week’s story here: Herding Vegetable Sheep by Ekaterina Sedia.

Next week’s story: The Goophered Grapevine by Charles W. Chesnutt.

Rated: Clean.

Our hosts discuss Herding Vegetable Sheep by Ekaterina Sedia. Rammy couldn’t join us this week, and thus Gerald is left alone to defend this story we quite enjoyed from the critics: Maya and Anais. Although the ladies didn’t like the story as much as Gerald did, they liked some pieces of, but couldn’t agree on which parts. Maya enjoyed some of the hyper-detail oriented descriptions, but felt the prose lacked rhythm. While Anais felt the story touched on too many themes without exploring any one in enough depth. Gerald disagreed on all fronts, giving the score high marks and defending it as best he could.

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