Discussion Notes: A Head Full of Ghosts

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Next month’s novel: White Light by Vanessa Garcia

Rated: Adult Themes, No Explicit Language

Join us as we discuss Paul Tremblay’s A Head Full of Ghosts with author John L. Monk.

John writes and podcasts from Virginia. Has has a degree in cultural anthropology, boldly does the dishes, roots out evil wherever it lurks, and writes his own stunts. If A Head Full of Ghosts whet your appetite for the spooky, check out John’s supernatural thriller, Kick.

You can learn more about John at his website, john-l-monk.com

On today’s show, Anais, Gerald, Maya and John discuss this strange horror story by Paul Tremblay that mixes classic possession stories with modern day reality TV.

The hosts analyze the novel’s views on religion, the spectacle of reality TV, memory, and mental illness.

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