Discussion Notes: Enid & Floyd & the Moon

This week’s story: Enid & Floyd & the Moon by Jeanne Shoemaker

Next week’s story: The Effluent Engine by N.K. Jemisin

Rated: Clean

This week we welcome Caitlin Hamilton Summie to the podcast to discuss a story she recommends: “Enid & Floyd & the Moon” by Jeanne Shoemaker.

Author Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Author Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Caitlin is the author of the short story collection To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts. The book won the the Phillip J McMath Postpublication award from the University of Central Arkansas, and won Silver in the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award for Short Stories. Caitlin earned an MFA with Distinction from Colorado State University, and her short stories have been published in Beloit Fiction Journal, Wisconsin Review, Puerto del Sol, Mud Season Review, and Long Story, Short. She co-owns the book marketing firm, Caitlin Hamilton Marketing & Publicity, founded in 2003. Find her online at Caitlinhamiltonsummie.com and on Twitter @csummie

Caitlin joined Gerald and Anais to discuss a charming story about an elderly couple that is still very much in love. Their life is beset by tragedy and poverty, but the two aging lovebirds stay focused on each other. The story stirred a little fear in Gerald who could perhaps identify a little bit with the characters.

Andy could not join us for this recording this week, but he recorded a two minute riff of his opinion, which is appended at the end of the episode. He also visits us in the Youtube Live comment section during recording to josh us, as is his way. 

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