Discussion Notes: The Hanging Stranger

This week’s story: Bread and Wine by Mike Chapman

Next week’s story: The Seraph and the Zambesi by Muriel Spark

Rated: Clean

We start the episode by sharing some sad news. Our founding co-host Maya Goode passed away suddenly on April 26th. You may listen to our audio tribute at the top of the episode or read our tribute here.

We recorded today’s episode before Maya passed, and were able to carry on none the wiser to the dark news to come.

Gerald, Andy and Anais had a great time deeply exploring the religious themes in this quantum-physics heavy science fiction story. Anais draws parallels to an episode of Futurama and the Isaac Asimov story “The Last Question” which we also discussed on this podcast. Gerald loved the twist. Andy loved the conceit of “the echoes.” Stay for a fun game in which Andy and Gerald try to eat a god.

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