Marlon James

Black Leopard Red Wolf | Marlon James | Literary Roadhouse Bookclub Ep 26

Discussion Notes: Black Leopard Red Wolf

For this discussion we read Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James.

In two weeks we will read The Bridegroom Was a Dog by Yoko Tawada.

Rated: Exlicit. SUPER Explicit!

We were supposed to release this book discussion in April. However, this book really did a number of Gerald, Colette and Anais. The gratuitous violence and sexual violence made the book difficult to read. We finally discussed it in May, and were slow to publish for similarly anguished reasons.

We start the discussion by focusing on what we did like about the book, and there was a lot to love and admire. James’s talent is undeniable. However those talents were at times difficult to appreciate. There was too much unnecessary (and at times borderline silly) violence to get through. We reserve our rants for the last 15 minutes of the discussion.

We will be releasing the next three book discussion two weeks apart to help us get back on schedule.

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