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Measures of Time | Andrea Eberly | Literary Roadhouse Ep 106

Discussion Notes: Measures of Times

Find this week’s story here: Measures of Time by Andrea Eberly.

Next week’s story: The Wig by Han Dong.

Rated: Clean

Kristy Lin Biluni

Kristy Lin Biluni The Sexy Grammarian:

On today’s podcast, we welcome a special guest: Kristy Lin Billuni, aka The Sexy Grammarian. Kristy is a writer and teacher who has been helping authors find their voice since 2003. You can learn more about Kristy at

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As for today’s story, Kristy loved Measures of Times, while Gerald liked it, but didn’t say much. Rammy liked it, and as a bonus, gave us a potted history of Adidas. Trust us, it works. On the critical side, Maya felt disconnected from the main character, and Anais felt the literary devices were too naked for her taste. Don’t worry, she did have fun in the quiz trying to work out how long it would take to watch all the episodes of Breaking Bad.

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