Italo Calvino

Ep 202: The Daughters of the Moon

Discussion Notes: The Daughters of the Moon

This week’s story: The Daughters of the Moon – Italo Calvino – Literary Roadhouse Ep 202 

Next week’s story: Every Tiny Tooth and Claw (or: Letters from the First Month of the New Directorate) by Marissa Lingen 

Rated: Clean

Gerald, Andy and Anais discuss “The Daughters of the Moon” by Italo Calvino, a story of a consumerist society in a city that lived long ago in a different world. No longer charmed by the aging moon, they throw it in a junkyard, and it’s up to the daughters of the Moon to restore her. 

It’s a fanciful story told in a light but insightful tone. Listen for a heated argument between Andy and Anais about the nature of sentient, car-driving mammoths!

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