Ann Joslin Williams

Restoration | Ann Joslin Williams | Literary Roadhouse Ep 80

Discussion Notes: Restoration

Find this week’s story here: Restoration by Ann Joslin Williams.

Next week’s story: Memento Mori by Nathan Nolan.

Rated: Explicit Themes and Language, though the explicit content is only at the end when we discuss recommendations for next week’s story. Discussion of Restoration itself is clean.

This week Maya, Gerald, Anais, and Rammy discuss another story found in Carve Magazine: Restoration by Ann Joslin Williams. True to his nature, Gerald loved yet another gem from Carve. He wasn’t alone, as Maya, Rammy, and Anais also enjoyed the story immensely. Anais, as the least enthusiastic reader, found it difficult to justify the link between the murder plot and the grieving plot. As for Maya, the wonderful prose appealed to her poetic roots. As for Rammy, the gorgeous imagery of the story hit the mark.

Listen for a brief discussion of what Anais calls “MFA voice”, and why she has over-dosed on it.

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